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Welcome to my page! Here you can find out more about Adsvault, a pay per click advertising agency for advertiser and publishers. Learn about PPC Advertising and find out how Adsvault can help to generate your business more sales, and how you can monetize your websites and blogs if you are webmaster/publisher. Make the most out of PPC advertising with Adsvault.

Pay Per Click - also known as ppc is a method of online advertising. There are different types of advertising, such as:
  • Contextual Ads (adverts)
  • Banner and Text ads
  • Rich Media Ads,
  • Email marketing/advertising
  • Classified ads
  • Social Network advertising
  • Interstitial ads
  • Pay per click
I am going to focus a little on Pay Per Click advertising and give you a quick explanation of what it is. PPC advertising is the most popular form of online advertising. This is because it is cost effective. When you use pay per click advertising you only pay for visitors that come to your site via your advert. You create a ppc advertising campaign with an advertising agency, and set a maximum daily/weekly/monthly amount that you want to spend and only pay when someone clicks on your ad, which leads to your sale or landing page. This is more cost effective than buying an advertising space for time periods, because their is a chance that nobody will click your at all - but you have still paid. When you create your advertising campaign, you can set amounts for your keyword. Set keywords that you want to show up for (usually in search engines).
Don't worry, this all may sound confusing but it is very simple! You can find out more about ppc advertising, just do a search and see what you can find out.

Adsvault for Advertisers

Advertisers can:
  • Reach target audeinces with PPC advertising
  • Use text and banner ads to promote your websites, products and services
  • Use keyword targeting for better ads
  • Deposit as little as $10 to get started
  • Advertise to a large network of quality websites
  •  Benefit from powerful and cost-effective advertising

Adsvault for Publishers

Publishers can:
  • Monetize your website's traffic
  • Earn extra income
  • Easily create text and banner ad units that match your websites content and design
  • Show ads on your websites and blogs - create a blog and earn revenue with Blogsplash! Create a blog now!
  • Display ads that are related to your content.

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